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We work directly with you to tailor make an individual poster distribution campaign for your event. We target all important areas and ensure every poster is displayed in the most influential and predominate place. We believe a good poster distribution campaign is not only targeting the big main shopping areas but systematically finding all the little hidden shops down hidden backstreets, so your poster distribution campaign bombards your potential clients with your message at every turn.


We are a highly professional poster distribution service and therefore do not take part in any illegal 'Fly Posting', instead our poster campaigns target all shops, resturants, pubs, garages, offices, places of work, public houses, community halls and anywhere else we are aloud to, our poster distributors will only put a poster up with the permission of the property owner. 


We take great care in training our poster distributors to be polite but also respectfully persistent with shop keepers. We insist our poster distributors put the poster up themselves in the most prominent high impact spot, ensuring that your poster goes up and that your poster is not left for the shop keeper to put up themselves. (In our experience posters left behind rarely get put up)


One aspect of our poster distribution campaigns that stands us apart from other poster distributors is that we develop a lasting relationship with our customers that lasts right up the event itself.

I.e, Some poster distribution companies may give the customer a slot of time in which to do the poster campaign for their event and then move on to other jobs.

We supply everything needed for the posters distribution campaign, all you need to supply are the posters, leaflets and discount vouchers for the shop keepers. 

We also offer free leaflet distribution with our poster distribution campaigns ( up to 2000 leaflets per 100 posters ) 


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