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It all started in the 1980s when our founder was employed to promote and run the poster distribution campaign for a very famous travelling show. Over the years he honed his poster distribution skills and learned every poster distribution trick in the book. As time went by and the show got more and more successful other event promoters would ask if he could run the poster distribution campaigns for their events...eventually he decided to and still plays a full hands on part in every poster distribution campaign for every event advertised by us. 

In  the 2012 summer season our poster distribution campaigns promoted over 150 different funfairs, some drive-in cinemas, trucks shows, wrestling shows, firework displays and various other events all over the UK.

Some of these events had poster distribution campaigns of 500 posters, some had  poster distribution campaigns of 5000+ posters. We create a poster distribution campaign to fit your budget, we believe if we help the smaller promoters to grow then they will be using A-Z poster distribution for their poster distribution campaigns when they are big promoters.


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